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Hi, my name is Leah Shuyler and I will be your personal assistant should you need any help accessing these online materials. If you have any questions or needs, don’t hesitate to contact me at

About this Online Empower Curriculum

 As a reminder, the Empower videos and course materials are the result of years of work, and are copyrighted. We ask that you not share these online materials with others. We do have samples and other program materials available for interested colleagues. We would be happy to send them information. Just send us a note or have them click on the contact info from the website and we will be happy to send them info

About Browsers

Chrome, Safari and Firefox are the best browsers to access our online content. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (version 9 or later) also works, but the first three tend to be the most reliable.

Video Speed/Fast Forwarding

As a default, the videos are set up to play at a lower resolution to help those people who may have slower internet speeds. We rarely have students with video problems, but if you do, (1) turn your computer on and off, (2) make sure you are using one of the recommended browsers above, and (3) make sure your internet connection is working properly. Contact us if you have any issues and we will help you.

If you need to fast-forward or rewind, you can use the forward and back arrow keys to easily move a few seconds.

Need More Help?

Again, if you have any questions or needs, don’t hesitate to contact me at

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